I have been producing teacher resources for over 10 years. It all began when I worked in the UAE and supplies were very limited that forced me to start learning to make everything I needed for lessons. From that moment it grew and grew. Soon resources will be available for purchase here but for now you can visit Teachers Pay Teachers or TES to access any of my resources, from my former group Completely Kindergarten. Click any of the store images below for more information and access to my resources.

Exploring the Ocean Zones AR

I am excited to announce the release of my first Augmented Reality resource now available! Give your students the opportunity to explore the ocean and build their own visually stunning display of what really lurks beneath the waves. A fantastic end of year project for students to share their knowledge and research about animals that live in the different layers of the Ocean Zones! To get your own copy, click the image to the right.

3D Scans Library

Below is a collection of my 3D scans that are available for purchase. Please reach out to if you are interested in acquiring any of these scans.

Owl Reading Books

Wooden Apple

Stack of Blocks

Mushrooms on Tree

Beachside Cave

Felled Tree

Felled Tree

Park Bench

Mushrooms on Tree

Stone Pot

Hollowed Tree Trunk

Wooden Wizard

Wooden Man


British Post Box

Bug Hotel

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